Chara Design di Hokuto no Ken / Ken il guerriero

Ok sappiamo tutti che il manga è stato disegnato da Tetsuo Hara… ma la Serie Televisiva? Chi ha disegnato la serie televisiva?

Si sono avvicendati diversi designer dei personaggi (Chara Design) e direttori dell’animazioni.

In questo articolo, il più completo che ho trovato in giro ti propongo prima le immagini coi rispettivi nomi e poi la lunga lista, se volete farvi un rewatch

Chara design / Animator Director Ken il guerriero Prima serie

Chara design / Animator Director Hokuto no Ken 2

Chara design / Animator Director solo di kenshiro seconda serie Hokuto no Ken 2

E’ interessante vedere come anche l’anime si sia evoluto, anche se in una direzione diversa rispetto a quella del manga

Come cambia kenshiro durante il manga

Lista Direttore dell’Animazione serie HNK, puntata per puntata

Part 1 (Episode 1-Episode 22)

Ep #Data in giapponeTitolo Puntatascreenplay(Storyboard)
animation directorart
Episode 1October 11, 1984God or devil!?The strongest man who appeared in hellShozo UeharaToyo AshidaMasami SudaMorishige Suzuki
Episode 2October 18thDeadly Fist!!I saw tomorrow in the barren wasteland!!Iku IshiguroKiyoshi MatsumotoTeiichi Akashi
Episode 3October 25thA solitary fist burns in the city without light!bombing five-finger bulletToshiki InoueMasamitsu SasakiHironobu SaitoMorishige Suzuki
Episode 4November 1stShoot the Bloody Cross!!Secret Fist – JuhazanHiroshi TodaAtsutoshi UmezawaShizuo KawaiSenri SunagawaKenji
Episode 5November 8thWill the flame of love bloom in hell? you are already dead!!( Rin Kageyama )
Masahisa Ishida
Yoshiharu FukushimaHisae Ohmiya
Episode 6November 15thDevil’s Wanted LetterAim for the Man with the Seven Scars!Atsutoshi UmezawaNobuhiro MasudaKenji Matsumoto
Teiichi Akashi
Episode 7November 22Scoundrels!Do you want to read the seconds to death?Masami SudaMorishige Suzuki
Episode 8November 29thPierce the secret meridians!There is no requiem for villainsIku IshiguroKiyoshi MatsumotoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 9December 6thScoundrels! Finish your prayers before you die!!Shozo UeharaOsamu UemuraHirotoshi KanekoHisae Ohmiya
Episode 10December 13thRecca Backflow Fist! Too many mortals!!Masahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Morishige Suzuki
Episode 11December 20thBad guys!!Listen to Hell’s Blues!!Hiroshi Toda(Iku Ishiguro)
Kiyotaka Kantake
Shizuo KawaiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 12January 10, 1985I am Shinigami!!I’ll chase you to the end of hell!!Atsutoshi UmezawaYoshinori TanabeMasao Ichigaya
Episode 13January 17thRakan Nioken!Once you start moving, you can’t stop!!Masami SudaHisae Ohmiya
Episode 14January 24thUnfortunate times! Good people die early!!Toshiki InoueAkio MitaniKiyoshi MatsumotoMasao Ichigaya
Episode 15January 31stTry counting to three! You are the one to die!!Yuuho HanazonoMasahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 16February 7Let’s sing, villains! Hell’s Counting Song!!Hiroshi TodaAtsutoshi UmezawaHironobu SaitoMasao Ichigaya
Episode 17February 14A man can only fight! The gate of confrontation has finally opened!Masami Suda
Episode 18February 21stLife or death!? The end of the wilderness is Hell’s first street!! [Comment 13]Hiroshi
TodaHanazono Yuuho
( Takeshi Shirato )
Hiromichi Matano
Shizuo KawaiHisae Ohmiya
Episode 19February 28thScoundrels! Prepare a one-way ticket to death!!Hiroshi Toda(Masahisa Ishida)
Umetaro Saitani
Yoshinori TanabeMasao Ichigaya
Episode 20March 7A nightmare all-out battle! My fist is 1 million volts!!Hiroshi
TodaHanazono Yuuho
Iku IshiguroKiyoshi MatsumotoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 21March 14thThe Devil’s Palace Burns! Shin!You are one step away!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 22March 21stPart 1 completedYuria forever… and Shin!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaHisae Ohmiya

Part 2 Fuun Ryuuko Hen (Episode 23-Episode 57) (35 episodes in total)

number of episodesOn-air datesubtitlescreenplay(Storyboard)
animation directorart
Episode 23
March 28, 1985
Part 2 Fuun Ryuuko HenIs it only a battle that awaits me!!Hiroshi TodaToyo Ashida,
Atsunori Umezawa
Katsumi AoshimaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 24April 4thNanto Waterfowl Fist!The tragedy of men who were too strong has begun!!Masahisa IshidaShizuo KawaiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 25April 11thSinners!Its name is the Fang Clan!! [Comment 14](Kazuhisa Takenouchi)
Atsunoshi Umezawa
Katsumi AoshimaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 26April 18thShake and sleep!Villains of the Night Mist Valley!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaHisae Ohmiya
Episode 27April 25thOnly villains are laughing!Don’t worry about times like this!!Hiroshi
TodaHanazono Yuuho
Hiromichi MatanoNobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 28May 2Rei! Your tearsI’ll take it with my fist!!Hiroshi TodaKageyama ShorinSukeyuki Tanaka
Episode 29May 9thIt’s too late to kill yourself!Go to Hell, King Fang!!Masahisa IshidaHironobu SaitoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 30May 30thDestiny Survives!Jagi Who are you!!Atsutoshi UmezawaKatsumi AoshimaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 31June 6thHell’s Iron Mask!You wicked one who calls himself Hokuto!!Tokio TsuchiyaHiromichi MatanoShizuo KawaiHisae Ohmiya
Episode 32June 13thAngry fist quadruple!Jagi wait in hell!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 33June 27This is the village of miracles!The fallen angel has descended!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 34July 4thToki!Are you an angel or a devil!!Shinichi
Takuya WadaYukiko Iijima
Episode 35July 11thYou wicked!Toki, your heart is rotten!!Ohashi ShikichiHiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoHisae Ohmiya
Episode 36July 18thThere is no past to look back on!Just hate evil and shoot Toki!!Hiroshi TodaAtsutoshi UmezawaKatsumi AoshimaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 37July 25thDare to refuse love!Because I carry a malevolent star that calls for death…!!Masahisa IshidaShizuo KawaiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 38Aug. 1Ranzan Crimson Fist! The times gave birth to a sad woman!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaYukiko Iijima
Episode 39August 8Heinous legend!Cassandra’s Gate is now open!!Ohashi ShikichiIchiro ItanoNobuhiro MasudaHisae Ohmiya
Episode 40August 15Rogues don’t need tombstones!This is Cassandra from Hell!!Hiroshi TodaShinichi
Kageyama ShorinMasao Ichigaya
Episode 41August 22ndHokuto 2000 Year Tragedy!I can hear Kenoh’s footsteps!!Atsutoshi UmezawaHironobu SaitoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 42September 5thEnd of the century without tomorrow!I’ve been waiting for you, Ken!Masahisa IshidaKatsumi AoshimaYukiko Iijima
Episode 43September 12Cassandra collapses!The myth of Hokuto has been repainted!!Ohashi ShikichiHiromichi MatanoShizuo KawaiHisae Ohmiya
Episode 44September 19thDeath Omen Star Shines!Kenoh, do you even rule over death!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 45September 26thThose who are frightened by the god of death!Listen to the cry of Rin’s passionate heart!!Tokio TsuchiyaHiromichi MatanoNobuhiro MasudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 46October 10thCall from Hell!Rei, did you see the Death Omen Star!!Shinichi
Takuya WadaYukiko Iijima
Episode 47October 17thNanto Waterfowl Fist Dance of Death!I’ll give you my life for love!!Ohashi ShikichiMasahisa IshidaHirotoshi KanekoHisae Ohmiya
Episode 48October 24thMysterious Explosion!The destiny of the two Hokuto brothers transcends hatred!!Hiroshi TodaAtsutoshi UmezawaKatsumi AoshimaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 49October 31stGreatest Battle EverRaoh vs Ken!Ichiro ItanoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 50November 772 Hours of Death Sentence!The Death Omen Star drags Rei!!Ohashi ShikichiHiromichi MatanoShizuo KawaiYukiko Iijima
Episode 51November 14thFate without tomorrow!Still, women believe in love!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaHisae Ohmiya
Episode 52November 21stNanto Six Sacred Fist Yuda!I am more beautiful than anyone!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 53November 28thDeath Omen Star Approaches!!Rei! The heavens tick away time cruelly!Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 54December 5thBeloved Mamiya!A death omen star lurks in the brilliance of its eyes!!Tomoharu KatsumataHironobu SaitoYukiko Iijima
Episode 55December 12thAre you going to die, Ray!Now men are so beautiful!!Hiromichi MatanoYasuhiro YamaguchiYoko Komiya
Episode 56December 19thBeautiful Fighter Rei VS Judas!There are no tears on the men’s flower path!!Tomoharu KatsumataMichiyo SakuraiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 57December 26thPart 2 concludes Farewell Rei!The times will pass on the legend of the braveHiromichi MatanoKatsumi AoshimaPower Nishikura

Part 3 Controversial Domination (Episode 58-Episode 82) (25 episodes in total-20 main episodes, 5 omnibus episodes)

number of episodesOn-air datesubtitlescreenplay(Storyboard)
animation directorart
Episode 58
January 9, 1986
Beginning of Part 3When Nanto is in turmoil, the Hokuto appears!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaYukiko Iijima
Episode 59January 16thA dark star covering the sky!Time moves at the end of the deadly struggle!!Kazuhiro Ochi
Hiromichi Matano
Kazuhiro OchiYoko Komiya
Episode 60January 23rdNanto Shirasagiken Shu!What will you see at the end of this century!!Hiroshi
Toda Masaru Deguchi
Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 61January 30thLove on the battlefield!Will the times tear apart even love!!Ohashi ShikichiMasahisa IshidaHirotoshi KanekoPower Nishikura
Episode 62February 6thI am the Holy Emperor Souther!Neither love nor affection will be tolerated!!Tokio TsuchiyaTomoharu KatsumataKiyotoshi AoiYukiko Iijima
Episode 63February 13thA small hero who challenges his destiny!The cry of that soul moves the heavens!!Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiYoko Komiya
Episode 64February 20thBloody Battle Shu VS Souther!Love drowns in the tears of Jinsei!!Hiroshi TodaAkehi Masayuki
Yamadera Akio
Nobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 65February 27Bloody Cross Mausoleum! Shu!I’ll take those tears with my heart!!Ohashi ShikichiMasahisa IshidaKiyoshi MatsumotoNaoya Tanaka
Episode 66March 6Run, Kenshiro!Another friend dies!!Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiYoko Komiya
Episode 67March 13thPolar Star Clash Ken VS Souther!My one star protects the heavens!!Hiroshi TodaAkehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Hironobu SaitoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 68March 20thThe Sorrowful Holy Emperor Souther!You are obsessed with love!!Masahisa IshidaEiji UemuraMasao Ichigaya
Episode 69March 27Hokuto’s Strongest Era!The destined three brothers have finally begun to move!!Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiYoko Komiya
Episode 70April 3Another Hokuto Shinken!Bury Raoh in the Darkness!!Akehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Nobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 71April 10thBirth Secret Revealed!Heaven favors tragedy mischievously!!Ohashi ShikichiKazuhiro Ochi
Hiromichi Matano
Kazuhiro OchiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 72April 17thFarewell Toki!A man’s tears only come once!!Masahisa IshidaMasahiro NaoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 73May 8thRyuga, the Man of the Heavenly Wolf Star!I will seize the rainbow in turbulent times!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoYoko Komiya
Episode 74May 15thA wolf running across the horizon!There is the end of love and hate!!Ohashi ShikichiMasayuki AkehiEiji UemuraMasao Ichigaya
Episode 75May 29thForgive me sister!Attacking Hokuto is the fate of our planet!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa Ishida
Miwako Watanabe
Kiyotoshi AoiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 76June 5thIron fist to the howling wolfToki is in danger now!!Hiromichi MatanoMasami SudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 77June 12Part 3 concludes Awaken the New Era!A wolf’s cry hits the heavens!!Atsutoshi UmezawaNobuhiro MasudaYoko Komiya
Episode 78June 26thNanto Seiken Shin! You risked your life for unrequited love!!Hiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 79July 10Nanto Waterfowl Ken Rei! There was a man who died for his friend!!Ohashi Shikichi
Episode 80July 17thSouth Star Red Crane Fist Yuda! That beautiful smile invites tragedy!!Masahisa IshidaHironobu Saito
Episode 81July 24thNanto Shirasagiken Shu! Heaven imposes a ruthless destiny!!
Episode 82July 31stHoly Emperor Souther! You are so loving that you are drowning in love!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMakoto Takahoko

Part 4 Final Chapter (Episode 83-Episode 109) (27 episodes in total-25 main episodes, 2 omnibus episodes)

number of episodesOn-air datesubtitlescreenplay(Storyboard)
animation directorart
Episode 83
August 7, 1986
Part 4 Final Chapter Raoh must die!Legend turns into horror!!Hiroshi TodaAkehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Hironobu SaitoChisato Sunagawa
Episode 84August 14thNanto Strikes Back!Wind Brigade, Protect the Last General!!Hiromichi MatanoMasahiro NaoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 85August 21Prelude to a deadly battle!The cry of Huey, the man of the wind, echoes in the heavens!!Atsutoshi UmezawaKiyotoshi AoiYoko Komiya
Episode 86August 28Burning crimson army!Tears of fire wet Shuren!!Ohashi ShikichiAtsunori Umezawa Hiromichi
Masami SudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 87September 4The Five Chariot Stars in Danger!Raoh has finally broken through the flames!!Renji KawabataNobuhiro MasudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 88September 11thFive Chariot Star Kenshiro approaches!Fudo who are you!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoMasao Ichigaya
Episode 89September 25thKen,Fate awaits in the capital of Nanto!!Masahisa IshidaMasahiro NaoiYoko Komiya
Episode 90October 16thI am Juza of the Clouds!Surrender yourself to the flow of time!!Atsutoshi UmezawaKazuhiro OchiTeiichi Akashi
Episode 91October 23rdThe clouds still don’t move!The Masked General finally showed his true face!!Renji KawabataKiyotoshi AoiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 92October 30thJuza of the Revived Clouds!I am not afraid of Raoh!!Hiromichi MatanoHironobu SaitoMasao Ichigaya
Episode 93November 6thShowdown Juza VS Raoh!Now put an end to the invincible legend!!Masahisa Ishida
Miwako Watanabe
Nobuhiro MasudaYoko Komiya
Episode 94November 13thFudo is in a desperate situation!Hurry up Ken, a man never abandons his friend!!Ohashi ShikichiAtsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 95November 20thRuthless Sand Hell!Will a helping hand reach the dying Fudo!!Akehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Masahiro NaoiChisato Sunagawa
Episode 96November 27thDefeat Juza!Even if I give up my life, I will protect the woman I love!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoShikishima HirohideMasao Ichigaya
Episode 97December 4thFarewell Yuria!Even if a strong man dies, he doesn’t speak of love!!Masahisa IshidaTakuya WadaYoko Komiya
Episode 98December 11thThe Swaying Nanto Capital!The two Hokuto brothers have finally arrived!!Atsutoshi UmezawaKiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 99December 18thThe Sad Goshasei!You are the woman who drags love and destiny!!Hiromichi MatanoNobuhiro MasudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 100December 25thThe Ultimate Mystery Musou Tensei!Raoh has finally cornered you!!Ohashi ShikichiAkehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Masahiro NaoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 101
January 8, 1987
Will Raoh’s Fallen Ambitions Come to an End?But the heavens staggered again!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaYoko Komiya
Episode 102January 15thLost Giant Raoh!I don’t believe in love!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoKiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 103January 22ndDevil’s Challenge!Fudo, become a demon for the sake of the one you love!!Renji KawabataShikishima HirohideChisato Sunagawa
Episode 104January 29thGentle Hero Fudo!Those tears awaken a passionate heart!!Atsutoshi UmezawaNobuyoshi YamazakiMasao Ichigaya
Episode 105February 5thProtect the Mother Star of Nantoji! Even if Gosha’s life ends!!Ohashi ShikichiRenji KawabataHirotoshi KanekoHisae Ohmiya
Episode 106February 12thRaoh is frightened by a nightmare!Yuria, you’re the only one left!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoHironobu SaitoYoko Komiya
Episode 107February 19thThe decisive battlefield is Hokuto Renkitoza!No one can stop them anymore!!Masahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaMasao Ichigaya
Episode 108February 26thFarewell Hokuto Brothers!Now the two are at the end of love and sorrow!!Atsutoshi UmezawaMasami SudaChisato Sunagawa
Episode 109March 5thfinal chapter Let’s talk now! Hokuto’s 2000 year history!!Ohashi ShikichiRenji KawabataHironobu SaitoMasao Ichigaya

Fist of the North Star 2

  • The number of stories is consecutive from the previous work. # is the number of episodes as “Fist of the North Star 2”.

Heavenly Emperor (Episode 110-Episode 122)

#number of episodesOn-air datesubtitlescreenplaystaginganimation directorart
1Episode 110
March 12, 1987
Time has passed and the times have moved again…!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoNobuyoshi YamazakiMasao Ichigaya
2Episode 111March 19thWhen will he wake up…!?Hideo WatanabeShikishima HirohideYoko Komiya
3Episode 112March 26thSavior, Coming from the North!!Atsutoshi UmezawaKiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya
FourEpisode 113April 2The Mysterious Bounty Hunter Ein!I will take Kenshiro’s head!!Ohashi ShikichiRenji KawabataHirotoshi KanekoChisato Sunagawa
FiveEpisode 114April 9Another Assassination Fist!Its name is Gento Koken!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoMasami SudaKyoko Nakayama
6Episode 115April 23rdThe heavenly emperor gets angry! Falco,Eradicate the Hokuto from the surface!!Matsuura JoheiJunichi HayamaTeiichi Akashi
7Episode 116May 7The Soul of Nanto Burns!Fierce Hahn Brothers!!Masahisa IshidaNobuhiro MasudaKenji Matsumoto
8Episode 117May 14thAin is in danger!The devil’s hand reaches out to the woman he loves!!Shimizu eastAtsunori Umezawa Hiromichi
Nobuyoshi YamazakiChisato Sunagawa
9Episode 118May 28thMototo’s mighty general Falco!Raoh’s shadow is there…Hiroshi TodaHideo WatanabeShikishima HirohideKatsutoshi Kobayashi
TenEpisode 119June 4thThe Emperor’s cry echoes through the Imperial City!Where is Falco…Hiromichi Matano
Jun Fukuta
Hironobu SaitoKenji Matsumoto
11Episode 120June 11thI finally saw the true form of the Emperor!!Ohashi ShikichiAkehi Masayuki
Kawabata Renji
Kiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya
12Episode 121June 25thEin’s Elegy!Rather than live with pride, die a hot death!!Shimizu eastHiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoKenji Matsumoto
13Episode 122July 9thThe Imperial City Collapses!At least have a dream in hell!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaMasami SudaChisato Sunagawa

Land of Shura (Episode 123-Episode 152)

#number of episodesOn-air datesubtitlescreenplaystaginganimation directorart
14Episode 123
July 16, 1987
Endless trials!Kenshiro Crosses the Sea!!Hiroshi TodaMatsuura JoheiJunichi HayamaMasao Ichigaya
15Episode 124July 23rdWhat awaits the Dark Continent!There is the legendary land of Asura!!Nobutaka NishizawaRenji
Nobuyoshi YamazakiKenji Matsumoto
16Episode 125July 30thgood or bad?The Mysterious Hokuto Ryuken Appears!!Ohashi ShikichiHiromichi MatanoHironobu Saito
17Episode 126August 13thDare to preach love at the end of the century!Her name is Leia!!Shimizu eastHideo WatanabeHirohide Shikishima
Hiroyuki Yamada
Ayumi Kanagawa
18Episode 127August 20thLuo General Han!You are the man who dyes white snow red!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaKiyotoshi AoiMatsumoto University
19Episode 128August 27The legend of the savior runs in the land of asura!Its name is Raoh!!Hiromichi MatanoJunichi HayamaKyoko Nakayama
20Episode 129September 3rdKenshiro’s Secret Revealed!The Land of Shura is the Motherland!!Matsuura JoheiMasami SudaKenji Matsumoto
twenty oneEpisode 130September 10thRuthless Prophecy! Kenshiro,You can’t be my savior!!Toshihiko ArisakoNobuyoshi YamazakiMasao Ichigaya
twenty twoEpisode 131September 17thWarrior Rock on Horseback! I don’t believe in Kenshiro!!Shimizu eastMasahisa IshidaHirotoshi KanekoMatsumoto University
twenty threeEpisode 132September 24thMen without questions! The Seven of the Wilderness finally attack Ken!!Hideo WatanabeShikishima HirohideMasao Ichigaya
twenty fourEpisode 133October 1stTransmission of Rock Death! Accept the life of your friend Kenshiro!!Hiromichi MatanoJunichi HayamaKenji Matsumoto
twenty fiveEpisode 134October 8New Century Creator Declaration!My name is Majin Kaioh!!Hiroshi TodaMatsuura JoheiKiyotoshi AoiMatsumoto University
26Episode 135October 15thDevil’s Seal!That tells the tragedy of the 2,000-year history of the Hokuto family!!Ohashi ShikichiToshihiko ArisakoMasami SudaKenji Matsumoto
27Episode 136October 22ndBrother Ken’s Crisis!Gentle leopard, now is the time to open your heart!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoNobuyoshi YamazakiMasao Ichigaya
28Episode 137October 29thKenshiro of the Execution Stand!Heaven has finally made the Sea God run!!Masahisa IshidaHironobu SaitoMatsumoto University
29Episode 138November 5Kaioh’s fleeting declaration of victory!Phantom of Hokuto attacks him!!Shimizu eastHideo WatanabeShikishima HirohideMasao Ichigaya
30Episode 139November 12thDestined Encounter Hyoh and Ken!My brother still doesn’t know my brother!!Hiroshi TodaMatsuura JoheiJunichi HayamaKenji Matsumoto
31Episode 140November 19thKaioh Devil’s Choice!My whole body is pulsing with cold blood!!Hiromichi MatanoYuki KinoshitaMasao Ichigaya
32Episode 141November 26thKenshiro’s Challenge!I won’t be defeated twice!!Ohashi ShikichiToshihiko ArisakoKiyotoshi AoiKenji Matsumoto
33Episode 142December 3rdTyrant Leopard and Sad Entourage!who will stop him!!Shimizu eastHiromichi MatanoHirotoshi KanekoMasao Ichigaya
34Episode 143December 10thBone and Flesh Brothers Showdown!Tears won’t return to the leopard’s eyes anymore!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaNobuyoshi YamazakiKenji Matsumoto
35Episode 144December 17thHokuto Survival Crisis!Kaioh’s evil hand reaches out to the Emperor!!Matsuura JoheiMasami SudaMasao Ichigaya
36Episode 145December 24thBrothers reunion in tears!Kenshiro, I’ve been waiting for you!!Hiromichi MatanoJunichi HayamaKenji Matsumoto
37Episode 146
January 7, 1988
Killer Whale Love Battle!Kaioh, are you laughing at that as stupid!!Shimizu eastToshihiko ArisakoKiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya
38Episode 147January 14thLove Warrior Shachi Dies!Friend, know that love is everything!!Jutaro OhbaMasaki Kudo
39Episode 148January 21stA sad victim of love!This is the origin of Kaioh’s evil!!Hiroshi TodaMasahisa IshidaShikishima Hirohide
40Episode 149January 28thKaioh’s history of humiliation!The heavens will also change Rin’s destiny!!Ohashi ShikichiHiromichi MatanoNobuyoshi YamazakiKenji Matsumoto
41Episode 150February 4th3 episodes left in the final chapter!This is the 2,000-year blood history of the Hokuto Soke!!Hiroshi TodaToshihiko ArisakoHironobu SaitoMasao Ichigaya
42Episode 151February 11thFinal episode prologue!The third man who holds Rin’s fate has appeared!!Shimizu eastMatsuura JoheiJunichi HayamaYoshito Watanabe
43Episode 152February 18thFarewell Kenshiro!!Farewell Hokuto Shinken!!Hiroshi TodaHiromichi MatanoKiyotoshi AoiMasao Ichigaya

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